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    New piece!

    Tentatively named “Lose it.”

    Yes, after the Cartel song.

    And, I have names picked out!

    Anabelle and Carolyn. I’m not entirely sure who is who yet, but I’m getting a better idea the more I write.

    So exciting!


      Started a new piece.

      I am absolutely petrified. 

      I don’t know what I was thinking when I started it.

      Actually, I do.

      "I  need a new piece that I can keep in a notebook. Oh, I’ve been meaning to write on this idea. Let’s do it."

      My characters don’t have names.

      The first three pages are horrible.

      But it’s begun. And I’m going to go buy a new notebook for the occasion. I’m pretty excited. It’s been a while since I’ve started a new piece from scratch. Even NaNo came from an idea I had previously tried out. 

      I’ll probably post more once I get an outline/concrete ideas down. I gave my room mate a quick summary, and I wasn’t really happy with it. So, I guess that’s what I’ll be working on today. I’m pretty souped. You should be too. 



        I had my first creative writing class since Mrs. D.C. Senior year. 

        I am fucking excited.

        It’s going to be a lot of work. 

        I am okay with that.

        It’s been a while since I’ve been under deadlines (not counting NaNo) and getting peer-edited. It’ll also help me branch out from what I’ve been working on. So. I’m extremely excited. 

        The professor seems really cool and down to earth. She’s also an Apocalypsie, which is really exciting.

        I’m hoping I’ll be kicked into gear to actually finish something this year.

        And I have a feeling I’ll be thanking every God I can think of for Mrs. D.C. 

        I’ll be keeping a Writer’s Notebook for the first time since Senior year. It’ll be interesting. I was never a fan of them, but I don’t mind doing it. 

        I plan to try to do some writing tonight. I’m not sure what, yet. But I want to get shit done. I need to get the juices flowing. Which is extremely hard with a sinus headache. 

        But now, I’m going to get things done. 

        Wish me luck! =)

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          A Wild Post Appears!

          So, I’ve been on break for the past month. Writing has happened, as well as buttloads of reading. 

          I’m constantly torn between stories when I write. I usually go by scenes. I’m notorious for coming up with scenes on long drives, during work, during class, whatever. My writing style has changed a lot in the past few years. I used to work on one story, write it from beginning to end, then just kind of forget about it. Or quit halfway through. 

          I’m starting a new approach this year. I’m in the process of getting tested for ADD/ADHD, and we’re pretty certain that I have it. Because I’m not diagnosed, nor do I have medication to take, I’ve been trying to use my knowledge in the area (I’ve been working in Special Education classrooms since I was in the fourth grade, and it’s now my major in college) to try to adapt my working habits to function with my attention issues. 

          So, I’ve been working hard during break. Trying to write without putting limits on myself, and actually putting a dent into it at the same time is actually going pretty well. It’s not as structured as I’d like, but it’s working. This also means I’m actually writing every day. It’s wonderful to bang out 1k a day, even if it’s not just on one story. Sometimes I wonder if I’m spreading myself too thin, but it helps me with writer’s block. I’ll have a scene in my head for one story, and sitting down to write another story is a bitch. I end up getting frustrated and just quitting. 

          I’m heading back to school on Sunday, which means I’ll actually be writing more often. I’m taking a writing class this semester, and I’m really excited about it. It’ll be a good outlet, and I’ll be able to expand my skill. 

          But for now, it’s time to get ready for work. =)


            Not meeting goals, and the future.

            Now that NaNo is finished, I’m able to breathe. Just in time for finals. 


            Anyway, NaNo went extremely well for having 20 pages of essays to write smack dab in the middle. I didn’t meet the 50k words goal, but I did manage to write 40K, which I’m completely okay with. I’m taking a short break from the piece, instead focusing on The Tattooed, which I’m super excited about. 

            But, I’d figure I’d share a bit about my NaNo piece, since I’ve done nothing but work on it for the past month. The working title is “The Dangers of Blogging and Rockstars.” I like it, and I thought I was a bit witty, but I digress. 

            The story is about a girl, Kaydence, who is a musician, finishing out her senior year of high school. She’s gone through many changes throughout the past year. Her best friend turned out to be a scheming bitch, she’s got college to work on, and she’s been running a blog to keep her sane. 

            One day changes everything. Not only does she make All-State for both choir and orchestra, but she receives a comment from Gabriel Stevenson, the lead singer for the hottest band around, Guardian’s Angels, on her blog. He helps her gain the courage she needs to fight off her demons, and she helps him stay grounded. An unsuspecting friendship blossoms, and possibly something more. =)

            I’m not finished with it whatsoever. I’m still working on it, even though NaNo is finished, but I want to take a break and work on some ideas I’ve had for my other pieces that I couldn’t work on during NaNo.

            I’m so excited that it’s done, and I have so much free time!

            I’ll work on Brielle’s story soon, as well. I can’t wait to work on that, either.

            NaNo is always a wonderful experience, and I’m always glad when I do it. =D

            Stay tuned, peeps. I’ll be back soon with some more updates! Better yet, leave something in my ask! 


              NaNo ‘11

              So, I don’t know if I mentioned this or not, but I did decide to do NaNo.

              I’m having a blast! I’m so excited to do it, and writing isn’t taking forever. It’s quite awesome.

              I’m up to 11k, which is less than where I need to be, which is about 20k. I’m not completely okay with this, but I don’t have a choice. Two 10-page papers due within a week of each other has been taking up all of my time. Also, I’ve been extremely sick with a chest cold from hell for the past week.

              I’m determined, though, so I’ll definitely kick some ass. The words are flowing, and I’m easily clearing 1K a day. The problem is, I can’t write every day, thanks to school.

              I promise to update this a bit more, but I haven’t been posting much here, or on my other Tumblr. My queue is my BFF right now. Just sayin’.

              Happy writing! =)


                PROOF! I’M ACTUALLY WORKING!
No, seriously.

                PROOF! I’M ACTUALLY WORKING!

                No, seriously.


                  Oh hey!

                  I have a new follower! Hi new follower! *waves*

                  This makes me very excited! What site did you come here from?



                    I’ve been writing like a madwoman as if late. It’s actually pretty darn exciting. Of course, I’m not writing what I should be, (I’ve been working on Aurora’s story) but I’m clearing about 1500 words per day, which is NaNo material. I’m happy with that.

                    Speaking of NaNo, I’m not so sure I’m doing it this year. I have a 30-page case study due November 10th. I might still do it, but I probably will start the 10th. Which means I would have to average about 2380 words per day. That’s a lot, but I think I’ll be able to handle it.

                    Brielle’s story is giving me some writer’s block, which is irritating. I kind of backed myself into a hole, and I have no idea how to get myself out. It’s frustrating, but eventually I’ll work through it. I think I’ll type up chapter four today and send it over to Ally for some editing. I hope that invent process of doing that, it’ll kick-start my muse.

                    As for right this second, I’m working on Aurora’s story while I’m in my science lecture. =)

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